Sunshine, Snow and Chiffon Margarine

Last Saturday, the sun was shining, bulbs were blooming, pollen was pollinating as Spring flaunted its finery. Eggs were not being hunted at neighborhood parks due to the novel coronavirus, but Spring, oblivious to viral threats, popped up in public places despite stay-at-home orders. I stayed at home and Spring came to me, popping up in my backyard. That was very nice of Spring.

Granddaughter (St. Jessica’s daughter), Liadan, preparing soil for garden.

Easter was celebrated quietly by most on Sunday, and then Monday hit. Monday hit with a snowstorm. Happily, Liadan wears the boots pictured above year round so her feet were properly shod for the storm. I’m retired, and abiding (for the most part) by the stay-at-home orders, so I cranked up the heat (which had not been turned on in a few weeks), and reverted to my Winter crochet while binge-watching British television shows routine. Those who are not retired, not working from home, or have been newly-planted were not as lucky. Mother Nature, once again, showed us who is boss.

Monday following Saturday pictured above.

While sheltering from the threat of the coronavirus and the cold, my mind decided to take a trip down memory lane (memory lane is typically a private lane so I was not violating social distancing requirements). I remembered the Chiffon Margarine ads of the 70s and 80s where actress, Dena Dietrich, dressed as Mother Nature would proclaim, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature,” after tasting what she thought was butter and finding out that it was actually a hydrogenated cotton seed oil product. I’m proud of the fact that I remember those commercials, as so much of what happened in the 70s is as unclear in my memory as the view of the mountains was here in Albuquerque on Monday. In the 70s, I spent much of my time running from things I should have run to, and running to things I should have run from. Just as things were getting uncomfortable on memory lane, it intersected with my currently private here-and-now lane and I took the turn. I wondered, is Mother Nature angry with us? Are Spring snowstorms and novel viruses Mother Nature’s response to our own actions? Then a commercial came on the television and I decided to go fix myself a piece of toast with REAL butter. Mother Nature (and Joaquin Phoenix) would probably be happier if I had used almond butter, but I didn’t have any and we’re supposed to be staying at home right now.

One thought on “Sunshine, Snow and Chiffon Margarine”

  1. Crazy Spring weather. NM always gets an April snow is what my memory tells me. Now it is in the 90° temps this last week of April.


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