Last Night Was Like a Fantasy Come True

Last night, I went to bed, read a few pages in my eBook, closed my eyes and went to sleep. I did not wake up once; neither to pee, nor to wonder why I awoke at 2 a.m. rather than 6 a.m. and then tossed and turned before again falling asleep at 5:55 a.m.. It was AMAZINGLY fantastic. Yes, like so many things in my life, my fantasies are not what they used to be.

As a child, I fantasized about eating penny candy and never again being required to pull weeds in the front yard. As a young adolescent, I fantasized about being popular and about David Cassidy (I think large breasts may have been in the story line too – on me, not on David Cassidy). As an older adolescent… we probably should not go there. My imagination was particularly active and without boundaries at that time in my life. As I neared retirement age, I fantasized about retiring. My fantasies vacillated between the “take this job and shove it” variety and the abundant fanfare and weeping accompanied by multiple declarations of “we’ll never get by without you” variety.

Facility Director, direct supervisor and me at November 2018 Retirement Celebration. They look pretty happy to see me go. (Photo courtesy of good friend Ronnie Shelby.)

Now I fantasize about easily falling asleep and then sleeping the night through – and a vaccine for COVID-19… and a United States with a reasonable, well-spoken president… and a literary world where over use of ellipsis is encouraged. What are my fantasies, and this world, coming to? For a moment, I considered speculating on what my grandkids fantasies would look like, but with two of them being teenage boys, and one a nearly teenage boy, I have decided not to go there. I’m pretty sure the ten-year-old boy’s fantasies involve explosions and extreme sports, and the seven-year-old girl’s are in pink with many princesses and balloons.

So, where does this leave me? Ahhh, to be young again… nope. Ahhh, to be working again… nope. Ahhh, to be asleep again… maybe. Ahhh, to live in a world where all have learned something about how to behave better after having survived a pandemic… that sounds good.

3 thoughts on “Last Night Was Like a Fantasy Come True”

  1. I am very hopeful for your fantasy to become reality asap … “a vaccine for COVID-19 … and a United States with a reasonable, well-spoken president.”


  2. Just catching up on emails!
    David Cassidy ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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