News of the World

“News of the World” is the title of the new Tom Hanks movie. It was filmed in New Mexico, my favorite destination. I landed here 64 years ago, and I liked it so much, I’ve stayed. I could not have afforded to leave, should I have wanted to, so it’s a good thing that I like it here. It’s beautiful; culturally rich; rich in natural resources, and my home. It has its problems, but we’re not going to talk about those.

We’re not going to talk about the current “news of the world” either. We can barely take a breath without the news of the world having been atomized and pervasively available to be sucked in as we inhale, causing a coughing fit of fear, frustration and fury. It’s amazing to think of a time when you were only exposed to the news of the world when the rare wandering literate ex-soldier arrived in your town to read aloud the events that were happening when the newspaper he reads from was published. It gives a whole new perspective to “current events.” A flash flood would have washed a town away and rebuilding been completed by the time the news of the flood was shared. Wars would have ended, and unknowing soldiers would still be fighting. Not that the news of the time was not sensationalized (yes, Ms. Montoya, I was paying attention when we studied “Yellow Journalism” in Social Studies), it’s just that for most of the Country’s citizens, it was anything but current by the time they heard it. I remember having to cut an article from the newspaper and take it to my Social Studies class for “Current Events” day. My children (who are now forty-one and thirty-five) did too. I don’t think my grandkids are required to do so. I just don’t know and I’m not going to ask. Again, I’m consciously avoiding current events here (and there).

Back to my love of New Mexico. In New Mexico we still have many places with no internet access or cellphone reception. It’s like heaven. From the small Village of Placitas (home to friends Debra and Jennifer), views include mountain ranges, hills and valleys hundreds of miles away. Inhabitants include aging hippies and affluent yuppies (lots of peas in this village pod – sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Next week, the news of the world has the potential to be either chaotic or conciliatory. I think I will leave the newspaper unread and the television off. I may go for a hike in Placitas. I’m retired, I can do that.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature
View from Placitas (photo taken from Karl Reineke’s Facebook page)

6 thoughts on “News of the World”

  1. Yellow Journalism is FOX news, OAN, Newsmax, any alt right “rag.”

    “Is yellow journalism illegal?”
    “By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion. In the U.S. it is generally considered unethical, with most mainstream newspapers and news shows having a policy forbidding it.”

    Any media that pushes lies should not be protected by “freedom of speech”. Words have consequences. Truth needs to prevail, and not one person’s version of truth, but only verified facts.

    In your hike, if you say the sky is green today, and I saw the sky was blue, and others saw the sky was blue, you should not be able to keep repeating that falsehood, because the majority negate what you saw. Today, with coloring apps, you could take a photo and color the sky green. (I did that once on an app, so I know it’s possible.) That wouldn’t make your picture a truthful picture. You shouldn’t be able to publish that picture as a truthful picture.

    Yellow journalism needs to be illegal. It should not be protected by freedom of speech because it is filled with lies to emit a response of emotion. Negative emotion has consequences.


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