These days, I write a blog. In days gone by, I wrote letters. In the mid-nineties, I wrote a letter to Kathie Lee Gifford in response to a statement she made in an interview, saying that anyone could be as wealthy as she and her husband, if they worked as hard as she and her husband. She made the statement in response to criticism about sweat-shop conditions for migrant workers employed to make her line of clothing. I said in my letter, that for some, no matter how hard they worked (and many worked unimaginably hard) they’d never escape poverty, much less be rich. I never received a reply.

I wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton, thinking she would win the 2016 election, saying that I believed she would win, and asking her to fight for a better world for all grandchildren, including hers and mine. It was a call for grandmother solidarity in the fight to protect the future of the planet for grandchildren everywhere. I never received a reply. It was a contentious election, so I understood.

Blog writing has not put an end to my letter writing. I recently wrote to the Dental Board of the State of New Mexico. I asked that they encourage dental practitioners to provide patients seeking dental implants with information regarding the timeframe involved for the process (it takes months – unlike what is illustrated in commercials promoting the process) and the cost (I was given a quote for “implants” but wasn’t told until the day the posts were surgically installed that I would have to return to my dentist for costly “crowns”). Drat. I never received a reply.

Some might think I would give up letter writing, but I have received lovely replies to letters I’ve written to friends and family. That’s all the encouragement I need (the secret’s out). Thank you!

Spring is behaving this week (unlike last week) just in time for Easter. Life is good. The jury is still out on letter writing.

Bee on my rosemary bush.

4 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. I’m afraid actual letter writing (as opposed to emails, texts, etc.) is becoming a lost art. I’m not sure if I’ve ever written anyone famous but I do try to send a handwritten note of thanks to people who have done nice things for me. I hope you keep up with both your letter writing and your blog writing. Happy Easter!


  2. SAVE THE BEES! Beautiful purple flowers on rosemary herb bush.

    TY for writing to Hillary. I wish she had won bc she was going to create a better America for our grandchildren (not for rich grandparents). She probably read your letter but replying would be moot.

    I never have liked Kathy Lee. When she started drinking wine in the morning on TV that was it! I call her “off her rocker” grandma. GOP are the biggest group of hypocrites I’ve encountered. Griping about LGBTQ bathrooms, yet drinking alcohol in the morning. Pathetic.

    I am signing petitions to oust Trump crony DeJoy who is trying to make money off the post office. Government is for the people not for private bank accts. DeJoy wants to increase postage stamp price.

    The year of our graduation: March 2, 1974 / 10 cents
    Trump Term:
    January 22, 2017 / 49 cents
    January 21, 2018 / 50 cents
    January 27, 2019 – 2021 / 55 cents


    I still collect stamps like I did when I was in middle school. Not for the value but for the design. This year is the OX. I like the stamp issued for the Chinese year. I like to send cards with notes. I use to Pen Pal when 10yo with a 10yo girl in PA. I can’t remember how that got started though.

    Thanks for the info on the dental implants! I would never have known that we needed to pay extra $$ for the crown portion of the dental implant. The commercial says nothing about that. I need two molars because the dental fillings were so old they broke off when I ate an almond.

    March came in like a lion and left like a lamb this year. I’m enjoying springtime, even wearing a mask.


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