Serial Killers

I love the books written by Fredrik Backman. They are not about serial killers. I am not a fan of media focusing on serial killers, but because I am a fan of Fredrik Backman, I found myself watching the TV series “Outlier” which is set in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. Backman’s books are set in northern Sweden. The TV series was dark, which is ironic since it’s set in the “Land-of-the-Midnight-Sun.” The plot involves a young woman who is studying serial killers as a doctoral student in criminal psychology. I like to sleep at night, so I wouldn’t choose this as a subject of intense study. I did, however, learn some things about the psyche of serial killers while watching the series. Apparently (and Google agrees, so it must be true) most serial killers are driven by a need to exert power/control over others. That’s not very nice.

I’m going to switch gears now and discuss vaccines. Just mentioning the word can result in death threats (particularly if your last name is Fauci), so I’m having to gather all of my courage to continue. Public acceptance of vaccines has changed significantly in the last century. When I was a child, we readily lined up to receive our polio vaccines. It was not that that vaccine had been through a more rigorous testing process than recently developed vaccines. Developers of the vaccine experimented with vaccinating children and their own families (Koprowski and Salk respectively). There were problems: the “Cutter Incident” and Simian Virus concerns. Ultimately, issues identified during the development of the Polio Virus have led to a safer vaccine development process. Now, why did we READILY line up to receive that Polio Vaccine? Because we cared about the health and wellbeing of our fellow citizens. Polio was declared eradicated from the Americas in 1994.

So, I’m curious. If someone INTENTIONALLY spreads false information about a vaccine, with the intent to CONTROL large portions of the population and the result is widespread loss of life, what does that make that person? I am not a scientist, so I will not pretend to be an expert (on vaccines or serial killers). I will continue with my daily prayer: God, please bless the citizens of my country with access to the truth, with awareness of the truth, with acceptance of the truth and with acknowledgement of the truth. Amen

4 thoughts on “Serial Killers”

  1. We just read A Man Called Ove and followed that with the movie! (Netflix w sub titles).
    Certainly not about serial killers but many times sounded like Dick!
    Great prayer, Jennie.
    I wish everyone who can would just get the vaccine.

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    1. Ove reminded me of Phil and my Dad. He reminded Shari of her husband, Steve. I think there’s a little bit (and sometimes a lot) of Ove in most men. I, too, wish people who can be vaccinated will be vaccinated AND that people will only “share” reliable and fact-based information about the vaccine. My best to you and Dick. 🙂



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