I Forgot!

I forgot (you tend to do that when you’re old and retired); I also want to be an inventor when I grow up while I’m retired. I have experimented with inventing. Many of my inventions involve repurposing items, like my sweatshirt sweater/slipper sets. I then make dozens of my newly designed item, and force them on family members and friends.

Since I’ve always valued function over form (function/form; nature/nurture; this/that – I love alliterative “this or that” comparisons); my inventions are not beautiful. They tend to get the job done for me (the sweater/slipper sets provide warmth, and a modicum of modesty preservation as I traipse around the house in my pajamas), which leaves the recipients of my homemade inventions wondering, “what was she thinking?” Another personal invention is the “Two- Rectangles-Easy-To-Switch-Out Purse.” I like for the color of my purse to match my jacket and shoes, but the effort involved in changing purses (not to mention the cost of purchasing many different-colored purses) was distasteful to me, so I invented a totally tasteless purse that accepts a handy-dandy purse insert with pockets for all of the items needed in one’s purse. They are VERY functional.

Not all of my inventions have been material; I’ve also come up with conceptual inventions, like the “See Food Diet” (it’s not the one you’re thinking of). Basically, you use your phone to take pictures of everything you eat during the day, and in the evening you review the pictures to “See” exactly how much, and what, you’re eating. I told friends and family about it, and no one seemed interested in giving it a try. I tried it, and was so depressed to “See” how much, and what I was eating, that I ate some cookies, after refusing to take a picture. Not all of my inventions work.

Image result for free images cookies
This is not a picture of cookies that I ate; however, it is representative of many cookies that I ate without having taken a picture.

I WANT to invent wonderful things, but I don’t want to market these things. In fact, I don’t even want to know when my inventions are not wonderful. There is safety in giving away your inventions. It would be rude for the recipient to be critical. I don’t take criticism well. I’m not sure if it’s a nature or nurture thing.

2 thoughts on “I Forgot!”

  1. I believe every person to be an inventor in their own way, especially when they are kids, and for some reason, we tend to pull away from this trait as we get older. Probably due to the fact our society is so based around consumerism. I enjoy reading about you still holding that and using it for such beneficial ways, such as repurposing. I would love to read a blog about all the things you have repurposed and found a new function for. I am currently on a path of trying to move toward low impact living (aka zero waste), so I would love to snag some ideas from you that could help me repurpose some of my things.


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