Here it is again: this week. Friend Shari called last night to check in, because I hadn’t yet posted my weekly Friday blog post. I told her I felt like I didn’t have anything to say and then proceeded to talk for thirty minutes straight, barely allowing her to utter a word. My kind (patient) Shari helped me to remember, that abundance abounds (how’s that for a little redundant alliteration) in my life. Words spew forth from me when I don’t think I have any, and even when I should shut the spigot, and allow my abundance of words the time required to gel into something worth saying. So, with no further deliberation, I’ll let the words flow (I’m hungry, and I told myself I couldn’t have anything to eat until I finished this – this will not contribute to quality, but it will get it done).

In early May, I planted a zucchini seed. Last year I had a giant zucchini plant, that produced a huge supply of that vegetable. Friends and neighbors ran when they saw me approaching, fearing that I might have a flimsy plastic Walmart bag about to burst with its load of zucchini concealed behind my back, as I awaited my opportunity to hoist it upon them. I did. After last year’s experience, I felt I had no alternative, but to plant a zucchini seed this year. Due to the quarantine, I had to plant an old zucchini seed that I found in the bottom of a drawer. This gave me hope that it would not germinate and ultimately generate zucchini. I was wrong. I now have a giant zucchini plant with an abundance of blooms and their vegetable progeny. In addition to words, zucchini are soon to be abundantly available in Jennie Land. Posting this, may result in a scarcity of friend and neighbor availability, which will make it easier for me to leave flimsy plastic Walmart bags full of zucchini on doorsteps. Life is good.

This year’s zucchini plant.

In another example of abundant supply, Shari’s Mom’s Mary-Poppins-carpetbag-like tub of sewing supplies which I had been given, again provided me with the supplies I needed for an unplanned, unexpected need: stuffed animal emergency surgery. Granddaughter, Liadan, arrived Thursday night for a sleepover with two well-loved, well-worn stuffed animals, each missing its nose. Upon searching through the aforementioned tub, I found not one, but TWO button cards, with a stuffed animal nose button. What are the odds of that happening? I sewed a nose button on each of the previously noseless stuffed animals, to Liadan’s delight. This contributed to the abundance of joy, which is Liadan, and elevated me in her esteem, which abundantly added to my joy.

Button card, post nose-button-removal

Words, buttons; what else might be abundantly available? I’m going to go look in my refrigerator right now to see. Life IS good!

2 thoughts on “Abundance”

  1. Last year, I planted two hills of zucchini and was rewarded with about 7 zucchinis – two of which were passable to eat. You much the the whisperer to have such a robust looking plant. I can’t wait to read blogs about your harvest.


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