I consider myself a life-long learner. I wish it was because I had an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn, but the reason is pure necessity. I am a slow learner. I have been making pancakes for my kids and grandkids for about thirty-five years. After years of burning the first batch, last year I realized that I needed to preheat the skillet. I have not burned a pancake since (a few were on the toasty side, but did not achieve “burnt” status).

Last year I wrote that Spring was a harsh task-master (specifically, spring cleaning and yard preparation). Summer is unofficially here and it will be official tomorrow. The squash plant I bragged about last week has squash bugs and I found a tomato worm on my giant tomato plant. Summertime can be demanding too (and gross when you factor in bugs and worms). The Gershwin brothers must not have lived in New Mexico, because the “livin'” during a New Mexico summertime is hot and sweaty. sprinkled (sometimes buried) with generous amounts of dust and sand. Summertime is good here, it just isn’t easy. I re-learn this lesson every summer.

I am still learning that when I say “yes” to every request made of me, I get overwhelmed. I’m 63. We don’t even want to discuss what kind of trouble that got me into when I was a teenager. As I said, I’m a slow learner.

One of my greatest learning challenges is learning to be happy. When I’m busy, I wish I was resting. When I’m resting, I am bored and wish I was busy. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a remedial “How to be Happy and Content” course? If so, I should enroll. I’ll probably get a C-. Life is good!

I hope no squash bugs or tomato worms are visible in this photo.

One thought on “C-”

  1. Morning, Jennie!
    On my list of “Things to Do” is a course on “The Science if Well-Being” with Coursera. It’s a free online class through Yale University.
    One of these quarantined days!
    See you soon!

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