From the Porch

Many great “Porch Tales” have been written over the years. There are Front Porch Tales (by one of my favorite authors, Philip Gulley), Back Porch Tales, Tales from the Porch and more. This one will be minus the “great” adjective, but it is being written on the porch. Cinnamon and I are on the porch enjoying the soon-to-be-too-hot out-of-doors.

Porch, minus Jennie and Cinnamon.

As far as social distancing goes, this week has been filled with fun just far enough from other participants to be safe, but not so far as to limit the fun potential. Ah ha, this ol’ dog can learn new tricks (however, I would prefer “this ol’ cat”) like how to have socially-distanced (but not isolated) fun. In fact, learning new ways to have fun is fun. Let’s take it a step further; fun is fun (okay, that was one step too far).

So, what fun-filled socially-distanced activities did I participate in this week, and can you do similar activities? Yes (maybe not as graciously as super-hostess Andrea, I certainly couldn’t) because necessity is not only the mother of invention (in my life, poverty was always the mother of invention), the pursuit of socially-distanced fun is also a mother of invention. Boy, “Invention” has many mothers. Maybe “Invention” comes from one of those polygamous Mormon communities – nah.

Andrea hosted a lovely day of yard art painting, complete with an elegantly socially-distanced lunch. We wore masks when closer than six feet apart, and while far enough apart to be safe, we told maskless stories and happily painted the weathered ceramic yard creatures.

We held our breath while smiling to take this maskless photo.

I loved Terry’s tales of growing up in a large loving family (when one of the kids would have a friend to dinner, which was pretty much every night, her Dad would say, “better get out another can of corn, Mom”). I loved Andrea’s tales of her Mother’s insatiable curiosity which led to many new interests and experiments (shamanism, vegetarianism and many other isms). All were worthy of the best of porches, even though they were told in our makeshift garage art studio. As far as garage art studios go, it was neat as a pin, well ventilated, with all the accouterments amateur artists could need.

Happily refurbished yard art.

New Mexico’s governor announced that plans to lift or lessen social gathering restrictions were on hold due to an increase in COVID cases, following what had been a steady decline. I say, okay. Fun can be had, on the porch, in the garage, and other places, that I haven’t yet experienced, with either a mask on or six feet between party-goers. Life is good.

One thought on “From the Porch”

  1. Terry! What a treat to see your smiling face! I hope to see it in person relatively soon. I’ve already enjoyed Jennie’s face recently (relatively speaking) and I’m savoring her endearing personality through these great blog entries. Andrea, your face is lovely and I look forward to meeting the person behind it and finding out how to get, and keep, my garage clean.


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