Give And Take

I can rarely resist the temptation, in response to a speaker’s closing remark, “Are there anymore questions?” to ask, “Just what is the meaning of life?” Yes, I did ace “Corney 101.” That I can even bring myself to write Corney 101 is testimony to my prowess. It’s a family trait. My sister typically responds to the question, “can I call you later?” with, “I’d rather you call me Pam.” I always, no matter how hard I try not to, have to add, “…and boy are his arms tired,” to, “He just flew in.”

What makes my question, “Just what is the meaning of life?” even sillier, is that I know the answer. Scientifically, the meaning of life (okay, maybe it’s the purpose of life) is the sustainment of the species. Yep, we want to be around for a while longer. A trickier question is, “What makes a life meaningful?” Being a self-proclaimed know-it-all (my kids and siblings concur with this proclamation), I claim to know the answer to that one too. No wonder, I have a hard time finding people to hang out with (I tell myself it’s Coronovirus). And, my answer is: give more than you take.

So, this is a short one. I probably don’t know as much as I think I do. I know that I love being retired; I love my friends and family; and that life is good. Happy Friday!

Christmas Amaryllis just keeps on giving

7 thoughts on “Give And Take”

  1. I couldn’t agree more about finding meaning in life. And being of service brings unexpected rewards, too.

    You and Karl should have a contest with respect to corny comebacks sometime.


  2. Love that Christmas flower! I remember Pam and I used to hang out together. Don’t really remember how we got into each other’s space. LOL We partied with peopleshe knew. Then I got married.


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