“He Was a Friend of Mine”

I like John Prine, even though he didn’t write, or record “He Was a Friend of Mine.” I do wish he was a friend of mine. His music makes me feel. Sometimes it makes me feel sad. Sometimes it makes me laugh and feel happy. It’s powerful, and sometimes ludicrously profound. For the most part, I love music.

I don’t swear (except in extreme emergencies). I say, “oh dirty words.” Many people have mistaken my “oh, dirty words,” for “oh, dirty birds.” I’m okay with either. You can imagine how I feel when I pull up next to a car, with music blaring lyrics that proclaim the mystical magical attributes of certain parts of male anatomy and how females (referred to with a derogatory reference to female dogs) should interact with those anatomical features. I don’t like this kind of music. I think it’s inconsiderate of drivers to broadcast it from their vehicles.

Sometimes this inspires me (and not in a good way) to write song lyrics responding to those I’m being forced to listen to. These lyrics are not nice. I should be ashamed (and I am). In response to the afore-mentioned song, the following popped into my mind: “I want to cut off your testicle(s) and use your anus as a receptacle.” In our Country’s current state of divisiveness, I jumped on the extremely-inflammatory- response vehicle heading towards universal anger and outrage. It’s a real demolition derby. We (I) must resist the urge to subtract civil from civilization. We don’t want to end up with just “ization.” What the heck is that? I think it’s kind-of like an “I Nation” where it’s all about me and what I want. Let’s all tune in to some good ol’ John Prine. His lyrics could be rude and irreverent, but in a fun engaging way that encouraged self examination and ultimately, civility.

It’s been a few days since I encountered the vehicle with the blaring music advocating foul language and misogynistic disrespect. Maybe I should carry complimentary headphones to be distributed to drivers whose choice of music is inappropriate for small children and old ladies. It would be a gift that kept on giving. Is it illegal to drive while listening to music through headphones? I’m all for free speech, I would just also like to have the right to choose what I listen to. If the headphones thing is legal, I may have to go with it. It’s probably time for me to again embrace social distancing and isolation (for my own safety). I haven’t yet been vaccinated for COVID so isolation is recommended. Thank God I’m retired. Life is good.

Happy music player (headphones optional).

5 thoughts on ““He Was a Friend of Mine””

    1. John Prine died in April from COVID.  He wrote Angel from Montgomery, Hello in There and Sam Stone.  Thank you for your tolerance of my vulgarity (my kids are aghast).  I was just so offended by the young man’s lack of regard for everyone else who was getting gas at the same time he was with his music blaring.  Bad Jennie.  I hope the music and slopes are good in NH.Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E


  1. John Prine died from covid-19 after he appeared at the Grammy Awards. Bonnie Raitt sing one of his songs. I was in shock that he died from covid-19 after the television appearance. John Prine looked healthy for his age at the awards show. RIP John

    I thought it would be illegal to drive with headphones, because not able to hear sirens of emergency vehicles. I Googled. it is not illegal. I was in shock once again.

    “According to AAA, New Mexico does not have any laws on the books regarding the permissibility of headphones while driving, in effect, making it legal to drive with these potentially dangerous devices. Driving with headphones can easily result in a situation where a motorist is not aware of their surroundings.” Oct 15, 2018

    You are correct! An I-Nation has been forming. I think it is in direct opposition of community care. I always thought America was better than what it is today.

    LOL your song verse shocked me too!
    Btw, that periwinkle blue wall is nice!


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