My Favorites

When Phil and I began dating, he took me to the home of one of his friends. This friend had small children, and one of the little ones told me that I was her favorite. I assumed that I, of the many young women that Phil took to this friend’s home, was her favorite. I was flattered. The following Valentine’s Day, I had a sign made for Phil, with the words, “You’re my favorite” inscribed on it. Last Valentine’s Day, the first following Phil’s passing, I was comforted by the outpouring of love from my friends. I want everyone to know, that friends are so much more valuable than money… and chocolates and flowers. Although friends bringing chocolates, flowers and cards are truly amazing, the best gift is the friendship itself. Yep, the gift of friendship is definitely my favorite.

I started evaluating “my favorites” when I read the headline in this morning’s paper, “Polar vortex to bring big chill to NM.” I immediately thought, as far as vortexes/vortices go, Polar ones are not my favorite. I prefer a visit to the many vortices of Sedona (one might say a whirlwind visit, if one was as proficient at all things corny as myself) to standing outside during the chill winds of a Polar vortex.

My favorite pet is always my current pet, because, and this is an amazing phenomenon, my current pet is always my best pet ever. Cinnamon knows that she is my “best kitty.” Yes, she is my FAVORITE kitty and I tell her so repeatedly every day.

My favorites have changed over the years. My favorite kitty, three kitties ago, is not my favorite kitty now (although I have fond memories of all of my kitties). My favorite food has not changed, but has spiraled out (kind of like a favorite-food vortex) to include many foods. Isn’t that GREAT. Instead of just craving one yummy, not-so-good-for-me food, I now crave almost anything that is slightly sweet and edible. Life is good!

Retirement is currently my favorite stage of life. It provides the time required to leisurely explore potentially-favorite activities and foods. When a Polar vortex descends upon New Mexico, I can stay inside, snug and warm. I don’t have to brave (although to be honest, there was no bravery involved when I travelled icy roads to get to work – just cowardly white knuckles) the elements to fulfill work commitments.

Today, I’m going to stay inside with my FAVORITE cat, drinking my favorite herbal tea while watching my favorite “All Creatures Great and Small” episode. She and I will happily reside in the warm eye of the Polar vortex that swirls around my house. I may call or email some of my wonderful friends. I may not. I may simply reminisce; remembering some of my favorite times with some of my favorite people. Apparently, even a Polar vortex brings gifts – opportunities to appreciate the warmth of home and value of friends (including furry ones). So, it’s good to have a warm home, a fluffy cat, good memories and be retired during a Polar vortex. I should donate to those who don’t have a warm home. It’s cold outside, and I am inside: blessed and warm.

Cinnamon, contemplating the approaching Polar vortex.

4 thoughts on “My Favorites”

  1. I like that All Creatures…… as well. It’s kind of an escape with all of the lush scenery and a very different kind of life.
    Happy Valentines Day! ❤️

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